We support software projects in the design, conception, development and testing of cloud and service oriented software systems.

Skills & Experiences

  • Senior developer specialized on Java EE and related technologies like micro services and cloud based systems
  • Software architect focused on Domain Driven Design and Service Oriented Architecture
  • UX and UI-Design based on Java and JavaScript technologies
  • Business analyst, system analysis and Requirement Engineering, use cases and documentation
  • Developing test concepts unit, system and integration tests
  • Agile work attitude (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • Internet of Things
  • SQL & noSQL
  • Clean Code Developer
  • Test Driven Development


  • Java
  • Python, Scala, C / C++, Fortran, Pascal and COBOL

Frameworks & Tools

Cloud Technologies & Managed container

  • Spring boot
  • Spring
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • CDI

Service & Data Interaction Technologies

  • ReST
  • AMQP – RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • XMPP
  • SOAP, JAX-WS,  Axis
  • XML-RPC, JAX-RPC, JAX-RS, jersey

Backend & Data Management

  • Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SolidDB
  • Hibernate, JPA, JDBC
  • SQL, PL/SQL / TSQL and Relational algebra
  • noSQL – Neo4J, MongoDB
  • Concepts of RDB, OODB and XMLDB
  • TOAD, MySQLAdmin & GUI-Tools, SQL-Developer, SolidAdmin, PHPMyAdmin

Frontend / UI

  • JavaScript
  • React, Angular
  • Backbone, Undescore, JQuery
  • Node.js, NPM
  • Java FX 8
  • JSF, RichFace, MyFace, Tomahawk, Custom Component Design, JSP, Servlets
  • HTML XHTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • AJAX
  • Facelets, Tile

QE & Tests

  • Junit and Junit based Tools
  • Cucumber, DSL-Design
  • Selenium
  • Sonar


  • Jenkins, TeamCity
  • Gradle, Maven
  • Git, GitLab

Data & Document Formats

  • JSON
  • XML, XSD, XSLT, Xpath
  • XTM, RDF and Ontologies
  • DOM, JDOM, JAXB, JXPath, Xerces, Xalan
  • POI, JPedal, Apache Lucene

Server & Application Container

  • JBoss
  • WebLogic 10.x
  • Apache Tomcat
  • GlassFish
  • WebSphere


11.2017 – 05.2021
Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin:

Design & development of a new Traveler Information System.

Services & Adapter design & development – Interfaces & backend

Technologies, tools & methods: Java, AWS, Spring, Spring Boot, ReST, PostgeSQL, Gradle, TDD, CCD, IntelliJ.

06.2017 – 10.2017 E Breuninger GmbH & Co., Stuttgart:

Design & development of a new onlne shop based on Micro Services & Domain Driven Design.

Component design & development – frontend & backend

Technologies, tools & methods: Java EE, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, ReST, Node.js, PostgeSQL, Gradle, Tomcat, TDD, CCD, IntelliJ.

05.2016 – 05.2017
Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns, Munich:

Redesigne of a system recording medical treatment documentation.

Redesign and Refactoring of a web-application built 2012-2013:

Analysing usage of the system

Improving performance, test coverage and deployment chain and duration.

Technologies, tools & methods: Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, ReST, SOAP, Oracle, Gradle, Tomcat, TDD, CCD, IntelliJ.

10.2015 – 04.2016
Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns, Munich:

A system to file and validate medical treatment reports with focus on quality assurance.

Co design and development of a micro service driven system providing tools to upload, validate, evaludate and administrate medical treatment reports.

Technologies, tools & methods: Java EE, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, ReST, SOAP, Oracle, Gradle, Tomcat, TDD, CCD, IntelliJ.

06.2015 – 09.2015 Device Insight GmbH, Munich:

A solution to provide M2M (IoT) communication.

Co Design and development of a solution to provide the administration and management of boiler units via a central system.

Technologies, tools & methods: Java EE, ReST, Spring, Hibernate, XMPP, Openfire, Smack, Maven, PostgreSql, Jetty, IntelliJ.

04.2014 – 04.2015 emnos GmbH, Munich:

Lead marketing solution to join and administrate marketing activities and offers.

Design and development of ‘Nominator’ – a leading marketing system. The system is a single page web application.

Technologies, tools & methods: Java EE, JavaScript, Backbone, ReST, Spring, Hibernate, Git, Gradle, PostgreSql, Tomcat, Jetty, IntelliJ, SCRUM.

01.2014 – 03.2014 iC-Consult GmbH, Munich:

Single signon solution for a global auto motive player.

Development of an single sign on solution for the web presence of an international corporation in the auto motive sector.

Technologies, tools & methods:Java EE, JPA, Hibernate, EclipseLink, JPA, ReST, Jersy, SOAP, Maven, Tomcat 7.x, Oracle EX 11.x, SQL, SVN, Eclipse.

01.2013 – 12.2013 Siemens AG, Munich:

Web Application administring stock portfolio of employees.

Co Design and development of a web application providing functionality to administrate stock portfolios of employees.

Technologies, tools & methods:Java EE, JSF, Hibernate, JPA, SOPA; ReST, Maven, Tomcat 7.x, Oracle, SQL, SVN, Eclipse.